Investment Sales

Time to sell is the time to be wise. Knowing well the value of your property is a must condition for a successful transaction. Our commitment before marketing your asset will be to structure an attractive product by making visible all the advantages and enhancing its main strengths.

We will go through a detailed analysis of the current tenant mix, will review existing leasing agreement, will advise you what steps are needed to increase the value of your property. This might lead also to recommending what is the best time to put the product on the market.

Knowing what potential investors look for will let us prepare investment teaser and cash flow analysis that will draw interest. Understanding that every investment expects maximum return will commit us working close with potential investors on the benefits and additional potential of the property rather than just presenting it. We will also advise on the approach applied – whether to make an official tender procedure, whether to start with informal meetings to explore the market interest, what tools and leverages to apply for a successful exit.

And what is most important – we will negotiate it for you.