Landlord representation – feel secure by outsourcing your leasing activities to us. Our active approach to potential tenants is what differs us. But not only this!

Understanding the occupiers’ wants and needs is what makes us successful when working for a project. At ProReal meeting and talking to potential tenants is a constant and daily process. This helps us to go beyond the potential tenants’ obvious needs and to look deeper into their specific requirements and motivation to relocate. The goal is to bring tenants that will have long term commitment to the project.

We will start contacts and meetings with corporate occupiers since the very start of our partnership. Apart from the ultimate goal – signing of lease agreements and 100% let project at the end, the purpose of our interaction with potential tenants will be:

-  to generate initial interest and curiosity towards the project;

-  to identify and maintain an up-to-date database with potential tenants for which we know their need, timing and motivation to lease property;

-  to have a solid pipeline of potential tenants when the active leasing campaign starts.

In addition to the above, we believe that the realization of a project on the real estate market is result of consecutive steps and activities that should be planned still in its early stages of construction. The adequate positioning of a property together with the proper tenants segmentation /definition of the target group of tenants/ is a factor for correct decisions and efficiency during the implementation process.

Our key value in the partnership will be to give you verification of every decision from the tenant’s perspective. Based on our market knowledge, tenants’ needs understanding and project’s specifics we will:

- share the requirements and expectations of potential tenants when selecting a property that will optimize your construction costs;

- advice you on what the competitive projects on the market offer in terms of building systems and technologies;

- be ready to participate in meetings with suppliers in order to estimate each offered product feature from tenants’ point of view;

- participate actively in the regular meetings of the team engaged with the building construction and implementation;

- consult you how to optimize your leasable area, including acceptable common areas policy. Here we will work together with the building’s architect;

- share our experience in selection and implementation of an efficient marketing and communication strategy. We will give you our knowledge which activities really pay off and which ones are just nice to have;

- structure your pricing strategy based on overall incoming cash flow targeted, size and location of areas in the project, time of leasing, tenant’s brand, expansion potential, etc. We will advise on both the initial pricing strategy and how to proceed in every case of negotiations with potential tenants. Rent levels and service fee policy;

- prepare an attractive and rational presentation of the project;

- work with your lawyer on the commercial clauses that need to be present in the lease agreement and how to formulate them in a consensus manner.

Our ultimate goal would be to help you create a sustainable investment product that will increase its value in the future. This would mean good tenant mix, optimized contract terms, net incoming cash flow and manageable operating costs.