Tenant representation – to negotiate a deal is our main value add

ProReal Bulgaria applies a well-structured, logical and efficient process when representing tenants. It is built on the concept of creating an intense competition between potential landlords (incl. current one if an option) in order to win our client as a tenant. It covers all commercial, technical and legal aspects of the transaction.

Our commitment will be to lead the entire lease acquisition process resulting in signing of a lease contract. This will guarantee a professional approach, consideration of every small and probably important detail and time saving in the whole procedure.

Our company invests significant time in identifying tenant’s needs in order to set priorities and most important factors for each individual case. For us it is important to understand the business processes of our client that usually determine the property requirements (headcount growth, plans for expansion, etc.).

Based on this analysis we:

- Make an initial list of properties that meet our client’s general requirements;

- Organize site visits of selected properties;

- Prepare a comparative analysis of commercial terms, quality, efficiency and lease terms of the short-listed alternatives, including financial cash-flow comparison;

- Provide “stay vs. go” analysis if staying in current property is an option;

- Execute a tendering procedure between the alternative potential landlords in order an optimal final decision to be made;

- Conduct the negotiations and assist for achieving the best commercial terms and conditions for signing a lease agreement (renewing the current one with better terms).

This “key decision factors” frame accompanies the process from the very beginning. It guarantees comparability and integrality of received proposals and creates a competitive environment that is a prerequisite for a positive outcome.